Our story

The Senior Expos are a perfect example of the public and private sectors working together to serve our communities!

Salt Lake County Aging held the Senior Expo for decades. Over time, the Expos grew to be run with the full support and endorsement of the county’s Aging Adult Services and managed by a private entity. That transition made it possible to grow and break down the silos between government, academia, senior care professionals, caregivers, and seniors. It has opened the path to include conferences and retreats around caregiving, social work, genealogy, and tech.

The Senior Expos have expanded into multiple counties and continue to serve the needs of tens of thousands of Utahns.

Our Mission

We live out loud our motto to Engage, Educate, and Empower. Our focus is connecting seniors, caregivers, and professionals to improve the quality of lives.

Helping people age well is our purpose. Giving families the ability to focus on their core relationships by accessing resources allow loved ones to spend less time caregiving and more time being the spouse, adult child, sibling, or friend. 

Aging is a natural process and not an ailment. None of us is immune from aging.  We work to provide a ton of fun and information to give you the best options all in one place to ensure you can address the needs of you and your loved ones.

Looking to be an Exhibitor or Sponsor?

One of the biggest events for seniors would not happen without our wonderful exhibitors & sponsors.